“Bad Phone Attitude is Bad for Business”

You are really busy at your desk. You have two or three deadlines to meet that day. Piles of papers are all over the place. You know that people are looking for you and you are avoiding them. The phone rings and you mean to say “Hi, this is Bob Jones with Basket Weavers R Us, can I help you?”, but it comes out “WHAT????” That’s attitude. We all try to stay away from attitude but it creeps into our lives. What we should strive to do is minimize attitude and present our normal cheery and professional business presence, especially on the telephone.

How easy is it to judge someone’s attitude on the phone? We all do it. Probably every day. It affects our conversations with coworkers, prospects, clients and family. What can we do to get away from attitude so that we can maximize our effectiveness on the phone? The first thing is to take away the stress that can be caused by being overwhelmed by your situation of the moment. The next is to make sure that using your phone is as easy as it can be, having features that are easy to understand when you need them.

Were you trained in how to use the phone features? A console full of buttons may not be easy to learn by yourself. Did your phone vendor take the time to show you how to use only the basics or did they make an effort to show the really cool stuff that can make you more productive? Did your vendor throw the phone on the desk at installation, see if you had dialtone, grab a check and was out the door? Are the controls and buttons confusing, which in turn makes you frustrated enough to develop a bad attitude?

If you are a business owner or an office manager, you need your staff to use the phone properly as the business tool that it really is. You know that it is a vital part of your business communications. You must have the staff able to use all the latest features and gadgets that enticed you to choose that phone system or you wasted your money. In the end, if the phone is used incorrectly through ignorance or attitude, it will cost you clients, productivity and money.

Select Phone Solutions believes that training the staff on how to use the new phone system is a critical part of the installation. A Lunch and Learn is always provided by Select Phone Solutions around installation time so that the entire staff can be trained the right way. Full user manuals are given to the point person in case they want to look up extra information on the system but everyone has the opportunity to learn the system. An online Phoneapedia is being developed as an extra aid to quickly resolve questions about a VOIP system.

Do you put up with poor performance from your phone system vendor? It may be time for the excellent care that is standard from Select Phone Solutions. Without it, our motto couldn’t work.


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