Case History – Multiple Locations For One Company

Every business has its own method for receiving phone calls, taking messages and coordinating with other offices in the company that may be at separate locations. These methods have been put in place for a reason and are the most effective ways for you to work with your clients, prospects and employees, right?

Well, not necessarily so. Sometimes the methods used in a company are the result of making your habits fit your phone system instead of changing the phone system to reflect how you want to run your business. Any business analyst would tell you that you don’t want to run your business that way. Technology is so advanced these days so why should you let it control you when you can control the technology?

A case history to tell you about is a large company in the medical industry. They have nine locations in a major Texas city with a total of about 270 handsets. They have a PBX in every location but they were not coordinated to work with each other. The company wanted to have all calls go into one location and then filter through to the appropriate office. This is not a difficult project for Select Phone Solutions because of the customized VOIP software that is used to program all of our phone systems.

Asterisk with trixbox is a Linux-based software control system that runs the phone system via computers linked by existing network cabling. In between locations, the broadband Internet connection serves as the link to create the coordinated system that this company wanted to have in place. In this case all of the offices were in the same city, but it actually does not matter if they are one block from each other or across the state. The project is implemented the same way in either case.

The important features of the system were:

  • Every location was structured to set up local phones and extensions.
  • The main location was set up to handle all of the inbound calls and then pass outbound calls to a second server due to the high volume that was flowing through the system.
  • All locations were linked to act as a wide area phone network.
  • A call center was set up so that the personnel could log in and out of their handset on the desk and allow it to be used by multiple employees during the day.
  • T-1 lines were implemented at all locations to provide proper up and down bandwidth to maintain Quality of Service for the entire system.

The end result was that the company now had the system running the way that it wanted to conduct its business. They didn’t have to conform their methods to an inflexible key system or someone else’s idea of how to run a business no matter what industry or type of clientele was important. The Asterisk / trixbox system performs exactly the way that is best for the company today and if that changes next month or next year, the system can be tweaked to reflect the new method that would be best for them at that point. Should your company have any less than that?

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“Productivity Through Technology”


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