What Type of Experience Do Your Callers Have When They Call Your Business?

Every business has a choice of how they present themselves to their clients, prospects and vendors who make a phone call to them. Some businesses will construct elaborate menus and give callers many choices of what can be done. Others will have a simple recording for you if nobody can answer at the moment. How does your choice of presentation affect what the callers think of your business? What is their perception they take away to remember you by? Is it the right perception that you want them to keep in their memories?

Everyone has had good and bad experiences in calling business numbers. Most people can think of a few that they dread to call because the system is badly constructed and difficult to use from a caller standpoint. If anything lessens the chances of a caller preferring to use a different company rather than do business with you, that must be changed to accomplish the opposite and make your business a welcoming place to do business.

A VOIP phone system menu is very easy to configure. The menu is sometimes called an AutoAttendant or Interactive Voice Response (IVR). The entire system can change according to the time and day and even account for holidays when you might be closed during the week. Do you need a day / night setup where after 5 PM the calls don’t forward within your system but rather go straight to voicemail? Do you have specific hours and days where you are a different location and the call should be routed to another number or extension? Don’t waste the valuable time that your caller spends with you on empty choices that simply time out to go to another option.

Some employees don’t stay in one place and must leave the office for appointments and meetings. Do they have the ability to forward their phones or do the phones simply ring until someone else picks it up? How annoying is that for your staff and for the caller? A VOIP system can be setup with a “follow me” feature so that if the phone is not answered then it rotates to a cell phone number or other location such as a home office.

Always ask yourself if you would be happy calling your own business. Test out your system by reviewing the IVR menus. Do all the options work? Are they clear to understand and not ambiguous? Do they cover everything that should be a choice for the caller? Can a caller backtrack to a previous menu if they made the wrong choice? Are they constructed to serve the purposes of the caller who may not be familiar with your business?

Create a phone system menu that is pleasant and easy to use and you will draw in more business, especially from the ex-clients of your competitors who do not pay any attention to this basic yet simple concept. The time, effort and money spent by your company will always show a return on investment for you.

Ask for your free phone system audit from Select Phone Solutions by calling 281-501-6464.

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