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How Well Do You Know Your Phone System?

March 24, 2009

Every owner and manager of a business should have an idea of what type of technology they own and use for their business. That includes understanding the capabilities of their phone system so that they can make sure the staff is using it for maximum productivity. Unfortunately, the phone system has been a technology that is not even considered technology by most people. They pick it up, it has dial tone, they talk to their desired person and they hang up. End of story.

That is exactly the wrong attitude to take for your phone system. It should be treated just as you treat your computer network. It is a business tool that can be upgraded when necessary to create new benefits for a business and pay for itself through better relations with clients, prospects, vendors and coworkers. How do you tell what you have and where do you start?

Step 1) Start at your current phone bill. It may be stuck in a drawer in Accounts Payable or your CPA/bookkeeper may have it tucked in a file. You never see the phone bill. Does anyone ever analyze it to see what you get for your money? When is the last time that you really looked at the details to see if you are paying for items you don’t use or are missing features you need?

The following information should become apparent as you study the bill:

  • How many lines do you have?
  • From the phone numbers of those lines, can you identify how the lines are used?
  • What is the rate you are paying for Long Distance calls?
  • Does this bill include your Internet access?
  • What fees and taxes are included in your bill?
  • Do you pay for extra features or bundles of features?

Step 2) Now look at the phone hardware itself. This involves walking around the office to see every phone user plus the phone closet/mechanical room but you should find out the following:

  • Do you have enough handsets on the desks of your employees?
  • Do the handsets have enough features so that the employees can utilize the system features to their fullest extent?
  • What is the workflow of the phone system? Are the phones answered properly?
  • What type of phone system do you use? Who is the manufacturer of the main box in the phone closet? What is the model number? How old is the system?
  • Is your phone system currently used at capacity or can you add lines as you need?

In reality, you don’t have time to take these steps. You pay a CPA to do your taxes and a lawyer to look at your legal affairs. Shouldn’t you use a consultant phone company to analyze your phone system and get the details for you? Wouldn’t an experienced professional provide a better analysis than you could?

Ask for your free phone system audit from Select Phone Solutions by calling 713-777-2400.

“Productivity Through Technology”

Why Was Select Phone Solutions Created?

March 22, 2009

Select Phone Solutions was created due to the overwhelming Voice Over IP (VOIP) phone system success by the parent company, Tech Services Group, which is an IT company. Splitting out the phone system work from the IT work performed by Tech Services Group made sense for the company and for its clients.

Tech Services Group was originally formed with the vision of managing all of the technology used by the typical modern office. That included computers, networks, phone systems, copiers, and anything else that makes your office productive.

While computers and such have become very important to running a business, the phone system is the critical human part. We all use it not only to give and get information, we interpret the other person’s voice and inflections as emotional indicators. We may not be able to see them but we can picture their responses in our minds and we change our own messages and actions accordingly.

The world is now not only going to digital telephony, it’s going to converged communications, a combination of synergistic technologies. VOIP phone systems are the backbone of that convergence. We saw the need for an IT company that understood the technology fundamentals to get the best out of those systems. Enter Select Phone Solutions as the experts in designing VOIP phone systems for SMBs, small and medium sized businesses.

Some new phone companies without IT experience can’t help a business coordinate their data networks with their phone system. A hardware salesperson can install a cookie cutter VOIP by reading manuals but they don’t know the underlying concepts of how to merge the capabilities of all the technologies an office needs and uses to provide a customized solution. They also don’t provide extensive technical support after the sale, except to refer you to an 800 number in Bangalore.

Select Phone Solutions inspects your:

  • cabling and can design and/or modify your infrastructure the right way the first time. Out with the CAT3 and in with CAT5e or CAT6 which are the current standards.
  • network capability to ensure that the VOIP phone system will work efficiently and effectively for crystal clear two-way conversations.
  • broadband service to see if you have sufficient bandwidth for your needs, if you should change to a T-1 line or add more of them.
  • office workflow to understand how your phone system should be setup to increase office productivity. We talk with the staff to learn what they do and how they do it.
  • service needs and fully customizes your VOIP phone system to fit your business, not the one down the street. After installation, we train the staff with a Lunch & Learn session.
  • technical support needs and arranges the level of service after the sale that fits your budget, your office time and your business, fully provided by Select Phone Solutions personnel in Houston.

Ask for your free phone system audit from Select Phone Solutions by calling 713-777-2400.

“Productivity Through Technology”