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Connecting to Your Office Phone System From Anywhere

April 16, 2009

An assumption that most business people make about phone systems is that they only work with phone handsets installed on the desktops at their office location. This is because they were trained on old world technology, meaning pre-VOIP digital systems. New 21st century technology has changed everything in what can be accomplished for your business.

While it is true that most people will prefer to have a typical phone handset sitting on their desk because that is what they are used to, it doesn’t mean that new ideas about virtual phones can’t be considered. One of the great technological advances in VOIP phone systems is the “softphone” which is a software program that performs just as a hardware handset but exists entirely on your computer monitor.

The softphone program is installed on each computer that needs access to the VOIP IP-PBX. It can be placed on a desktop to replace the hardware handset or it can be loaded on a laptop computer as well. With either method a wired or wireless microphone and speakers are used to speak and hear the phone conversation. A wireless connection can be either a typical Plantronics-type headset or a Bluetooth style headset that is very popular today.

The installed softphone looks like a cell phone mounted in the middle of your computer screen. You use your mouse cursor to click on the parts of the phone just like you press the buttons on your actual cell phone. It is extremely simple to learn and to use effectively. The softphone gives you the same capability that the hardware handset does, perhaps even more!

Many hardware IP phones have an integrated LCD screen that displays information about the phone calls. A softphone can show more information and associated programs such as a “Heads Up Display” or HUD complement the softphone and complete the incredibly useful utility package on your screen. More on the HUD program in a future article…

Once installed, the softphone looks for the IP-PBX computer running your office phone system anytime it is connected to your own Local Area Network at your office or via the Internet. This happens at your home, at a clients office, at a Starbucks or any other hot spot where you can go online. The softphone connects to the IP-PBX as an extension of your phone system and has all the same capabilities as if you were sitting at a desk in the office. Voicemail, dialing directories, day/night/holiday mode, etc. (Shhhhh, it even works from the golf course if you have an “aircard” to provide Internet access from anywhere in your providers service area).

Some businesses totally replace the hardware handsets with softphones to save money, others do it for convenience and mobility. Think of an insurance adjuster or a sales person out on the road most of the business day. The softphone provides connectivity to the office phone system to a degree never seen before. They are also easier to upgrade than a hardware handset on your desktop. New uses for virtual softphones are being evolved every day. Talk to your VOIP phone vendor and see how they can improve your employee’s connectivity.

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