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Do You Backup Your Phone System?

April 4, 2009

Disaster Recovery Plan. Business Continuity Plan. CYA Plan. They all mean the same thing – do you plan ahead for problems in your business such that you can both avoid having those problems and at the same time quickly recover from the ones that do happen? Smart business people have these in place, some more formal and some less. The key question is “Do you know if you have a plan in place for protecting your phone system?

Here are some points to consider in creating, revising or reviewing your plan:

1. Does it accurately represent your current phone system as is or was it written a while ago for an earlier version of what you have or even a previous system all together?

2. Does it list your phone system vendor and how to get technical support when you need it?

3. Does it list your telecom vendor (the dialtone provider) and how to get technical support when you need it?

4. Does it list your phone system hardware and software so you know what you have?

5. Is there a plan for how to prepare for an emergency situation such as an impending hurricane?

6. Is your phone system customization and configuration backed up locally and at a remote location in case of an office disaster?

7. Who performs this backup and how often is it done?

8. Who in your office is aware of this plan and knows how to implement it when necessary?

9. Who is accountable for phone system decisions?

Just as you backup your computer data, your phone system also must be protected. From these nine points it is obvious that some thought must go into the process and preparation of your plan. Think back to the last time you changed your phone system. It may have taken days to finally get everything just right. That would include your AutoAttendant (IVR) menu, phone extensions, call flow of your entire system, voicemail, and custom recordings for every office worker just to name a few items. How much productivity could you lose by having to recreate all of that from scratch?

Some company plans will include having the redundancy of a backup phone server and handsets. Most will just know where to find the vendor to supply replacement parts when necessary. The critical point is to plan for contingencies and know how you should respond to various problems that may occur. Involve your phone and telecom vendors so that you get their advice on what should be in your plan. Establish who has responsibility for each part of your plan so that you can implement it immediately when necessary instead of first deciding what to do. Every wasted hour or day where your phone system doesn’t work is time where your clients can’t reach you for your business. Can you afford not to have a qualified phone system backup plan in place?

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