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Telephone Metrics – Do You Know Where Your Phone System Has Been?

April 12, 2009

All company owners and managers institute controls on their business so that they have a way of measuring what is happening within the company. They have to have a way of collecting data that is meaningful, can be analyzed, and point out what they must know as management. Unfortunately, most owners and managers don’t think of analyzing their phone data to see how it could help them become more efficient and profitable.

Of course they first must have a system that allows data collection via computer logs or else they can only rely upon telephone company bills that list long distance calls, if that is available to them. Not all phone companies still provide that data. Even if they do, long distance may be a minor part of a business’ calls if they mainly do local calling. They get no information about the local side of how the phone system is used.

Having computer logs of your phone system, on the other hand, should allow easy filtering to provide a view from any angle of what the employees, clients and vendors do with the phone system. If you don’t know how many calls were made to and from your most important clients, wouldn’t you like to know that every month? Wouldn’t you like to identify how much time each employee spends on the phone to see how that matches up with your expectation of how they should perform their job?

Your phone system should be able to produce a Call Data Report (CDR) that has monitored every call in and out of the system 24 x 7 x 365. Here are some great uses for CDR filtering to quantify your phone usage:

  • Do you know how and when your sales people are communicating with known clients?
  • Are the sales people cold calling for new appointments?
  • Would you like to record those calls for training classes or for review?
  • Do you know how many calls come in to specially setup numbers to track targeted marketing campaigns?
  • Would you like to follow up on complaint calls to your customer service department to make sure the callers were satisfied with the results of their calls?
  • Would it be useful to have a record in your CRM software of every time a specific customer or prospect was contacted?

There are many ways to filter the CDR database in your phone system web-based portal. It is very simple to use the software to create reports for the parties you are interested in as well as for the time period that concerns you. Ask your phone system vendor to show you how to run these metrics if you don’t do them now. It is an incredibly important part of the core of your business data and you should take advantage of the information.

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