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Do You Manage Your Phone System?

April 17, 2009

When a business owner or manager talks about specific parts of their office technology that help to keep productivity as high as possible, they rarely discuss their phone system. Sometimes that is because their very old phone system has no means to add features without significant costs to upgrade the system. At other times it is because they assume that nothing is available to provide any better way for how the phone system is used by their employees. After all, “it’s just a phone system!”

Obviously the phone system is a vital method for corresponding with customers, prospects, vendors, employees and others. For most companies it is the primary method with email a distant second choice. Certainly email has its valuable uses but it can’t tell you the emotions behind the words. Anything that can help your phone system to be more effective should be a huge plus for your business.

When a caller reaches your business, they may talk to the desired target person immediately or they may talk to a receptionist and then have to be transferred. If the receptionist simply transfers the call but has no idea if the other employee is there or busy on another call, the caller may get into voicemail when they would rather talk to a live person. If the receptionist knew that the other employee was already on a call, then a different scenario would result.

This is where a software program called “HUD” or “Heads Up Display” can really aid a company. When HUD is installed on a computer associated with a VOIP system, the HUD display shows all of the office phones in a small corner window. At a glance you can monitor who is on the phone and what number they are connected to at the moment. Transferring a call is as simple as dragging the “phone call” from one phone extension to another on your HUD portal. HUD can be integrated with Microsoft Outlook such that it will read your contact list and dial the numbers for you.

This use of technology is called Communications Integration and is a part of a Unified Communications overall strategic plan. Enterprise size companies are implementing new phone strategies everywhere because it helps keep up productivity. A VOIP phone system can easily be paired with programs like HUD to place these very desirable features into small companies so they can achieve the same benefits. Older key and analog systems just do not offer these choices at all.

Imagine how your phone system works today and write down all of the steps a caller goes through to reach their target employee. Then also write down all of the steps your employees go through for basic tasks such as transferring calls. Is there wasted time and effort in the processes? Could changing to a VOIP digital phone system make it easier for employees to do their jobs the way you want them to perform? Do you ever get complaints from callers or employees about difficulties using the current phone system? Do you have bottom line metrics available to you as an owner or manager to know what you need to know?

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