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Do You Have Your Referral Radar Turned On?

February 11, 2010

A salesperson goes through life looking for prospects who can be turned into clients for his/her company. A networker spends the same time with “Referral Radar” turned on such that if a situation presents itself that could be given to a trusted referral partner, it will be recognized and acted upon. Hopefully the referral partners are all doing the same thing for you. Everyone prospers.

How can you test someone or even a group to demonstrate the difference between looking for sales and looking for network opportunities? Here is a simple yet extremely effective method that only takes a few minutes. It has been used many times and it is called “Referral Radar”. It really gets the point across about the differences between finding your own prospects and those for other partners.

Tell the group to look around the room for 30 seconds and memorize everything that is red. At the end of the 30 seconds, tell them to close their eyes. They are obviously going to expect you to now ask them to say out loud everything red that they memorized. Instead, tell them to call out everything in the room that is green! There will be groans and calls of “Hey that is not fair” but then some people will start to remember some things that are green. After a short time tell them all to open their eyes again.

Tell them that the red objects they recognized and memorized are the referrals they find for their own company. They know what to look for, they easily recognize and use them, they expect to find them every day. This is what their company trains them to do. The green objects are the referrals for their fellow referral partners. They are there in the room all the time but the people don’t practice looking for them or recognize them as a referral for someone else. If you train yourself to look for the green objects along with the red ones, you will find many more referrals than you ever did before. It is all about turning on your “Referral Radar”.

A salesperson only sees the red things, a networker realizes that there are green things, a great networker tells referral partners frequently about the green things all around them. Choose which way works the best for you and practice that method. By the way, this is a ‘green’ article!